Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: Wear Test & Review

Author: Rebecca Neall

27 Sep 2022

Product Review

Giorgio Armani is all about quality and comfort. So it is no surprise that Giorgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation (GDP 44.50, US 64, AUD 105) is inspired by Charmeuse silk - “The Fabric of Emperors”. A best seller - selling every 30 seconds around the world - this foundation is a cult product used everyday by men and women for a flawless makeup effect with a healthy and natural glow. 

Now, you can probably already tell that I’m a big fan. But for the process of this review, and my job, I have separated myself emotionally from the product and given it a thorough seeing to- looking at it objectively starting from the packaging and moving all the way down to the finish. 

Let’s dive in. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: The Facts

Similar to our last review (Gucci! Read it here if you haven’t had the pleasure yet) this foundation comes in a glass bottle with a pump, we love a pump. It feels heavy and expensive, but comes into the same problems as Gucci in that it is not fit for travel - or at least not the way I travel. 

Available in 40 shades, which appears to be the go-to for luxury brands. The colours appear true to the swatch, and do not oxidise or discolour upon application. It's easy to find the perfect match for your complexion, especially as the difference between shades is so slight, with yellow, neutral and pink undertones catered for. As always, I nitpick, there could be more warmer shades throughout the depths, with the shade range favouring cool and neutral undertones.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Arm Swatch

What is it with lux brands and technology? I’m not mad, I’m impressed! This foundation has a patented micro-fil technology which basically gets the pigments to lay flat on the skin's surface and sculpts and brightens the skin. No other foundation can replicate this tech which makes naming a dupe tricky business. 

There are 7 fragrance ingredients in this foundation, and it’s been noted as smelling paint-like, and thankfully this does fade once the foundation settles in. To me it smells like a very nostalgic Australian-kid-beach-summer-sunscreen. Eau de Banana Boat? (However, there is no SPF in this product - go figure!). There’s definitely worse scented foundations out there, but my sensitive skin friends take note.

Giorgio Armani boast this foundation suits all skin types, let’s break it down as whether this is fact or fiction:

  • Dry Skin: while it does contain glycerin, it’s not the most hydrating formula. A well exfoliated face is a must. We then recommend wearing a heavy moisturiser and a hydrating primer as your base before applying.

  • Normal Skin: use a primer or just have skincare-prepped-skin before application. It’s a powder-like finish that dries clear, which means you don’t need a setting powder.

  • Combo/Oily Skin: especially great for oily skin because it is oil-free, and it sets in such a way where it actually starts to look better the longer you wear it. But make sure that you are using a good setting powder or setting spray, or she will slide off your face quick as a wisp!

It applies beautifully with any method of application - sponge, brush or fingertips - it’s easily blendable, and melts into the skin seamlessly. I have the most success using a beauty blender as I find the brush requires more effort to blend the streaks out, and would end up going over it with the beauty blender to even it out anyway. 

Giorgio Armani recommends using a brush: “The innovative fine translucent effect was achieved because Giorgio Armani Cosmetics was the first make-up brand to apply fluids with specific blender brushes that build up layers of foundation from soft to strong with high precision, use a Blender Brush to apply for a radiant finish,” 

The texture is gel-like and lightweight. The coverage is definitely customisable, it applies as a light-medium coverage and you can easily build it from there without it getting cakey or losing its luminosity. If you’re a light coverage lover, you can sheet it out, I would then recommend half a pump for the whole face. 

Before clean-girl no makeup-makeup was even a thing, Luminous Silk was providing a soft, glowy, dewy base. Its luminous and natural finish make it a staple foundation for makeup artists, red carpets, and brides. It sets to a natural, skin-like finish with a light sheen.

For a dupe? Maybelline’s Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation gets the coverage and finish very close but Luminous Silk applies with slightly more coverage. Dewy + Smooth goes on smooth, is long wearing and doesn’t settle in fine lines… sound familiar? Dewy + Smooth falls down however when it comes to shade range (24 shades to Luminous Silk’s 40) but it does have SPF 18 and retails for a very palatable AUD25.00. 

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation: Wear Test

What they say: Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

Inspired by the finest fabrics, this award-winning lightweight foundation was designed to correct and unify the complexion for instantly glowing skin. This luminous foundation glides on weightlessly for a flawless lit-from-within glow. Using exclusive Micro–fil™ technology to sculpt and brighten, this buildable coverage foundation improves texture and blurs imperfections.

Steph is one of our lab girls. Steph brings an effortless cheer and giggle to the office, as well as a wealth of makeup knowledge. So, how did Steph feel wearing Giorgio Armani for the day?

9:30am - Application: I am a dry gal, through and through. I start my routine by prepping my skin using a red serum, which is extremely hydrating for my poor dry skin. I also used an eye cream to prep my under eye area before covering my face in a mix of elf putty primer and IT cosmetics primer. I then applied the foundation for a more full coverage look and applied my other makeup bits and bobs. The makeup that I put on top blended in seamlessly which is very impressive as I used some cream products.

I set my makeup with Laura Mercier translucent powder, under my eyes and around my nose. Finally I set my whole face with the IT Cosmetics setting spray. On camera, from a distance, my skin looks flawless - but up close you can see skin texture such as dryness.

1:30pm - 4 hours since application: I went out to lunch and noticed that there was some patchiness on my nose, but that’s to be expected as I’ve been constantly blowing my nose in this cold weather. It didn’t crease in my smile lines which is usually a trouble spot for me, and the blemishes on my chin were still hidden. 

After going out and eating there was some patchiness on my nose from blowing with this cold weather. It didn’t crease in my smile lines which I can find as a trouble area sometimes. And the blemishes on my chin were still hidden . 

9:30pm - 12 hours since application: My skin kind of evolved during the day and it ended up looking extremely photogenic, other than my nose, my foundation sat beautifully. It didn't feel heavy like other foundations do and I wasn’t itching to take it off. 

Steph’s Final thoughts: 

Giorgio Armani claims that this is a luminous finish that blurs imperfections and blends in seamlessly. I can agree and disagree with this as you can see in my wear test video (on the MMM Instagram!) I did have some red blemishes on my face and it covered them beautifully however I do feel like it enhanced the dryness on my forehead.

I found that at the end of my wear test I was liking the way my makeup looked more than at the beginning as it had more the luminous finish I was expecting at the start. It is worth noting that I have extremely dry skin, so if you have oily skin I would set your whole face with a setting powder if you prefer a more matte look. As for me, I'll definitely be using this product again. 

Giorgio Armani Steph Selfie

Steph’s Products: 

Elf cosmetics primers

It cosmetics primer

Giorgio Armani luminous silk concealer

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation

Elf putty bronzer

Elf putty blush

Marc jacobs powder bronzer

Laura Mercia translucent powder

Violet Voss eye shadow pallet

Bad girl bang mascara 

Precisely my brows pencil

It cosmetics setting spray 

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