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27 Jan 2022

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Here at Match My Makeup we have tried and tested hundreds of foundations, with new products arriving on the reg. Yes, we have the greatest jobs in the world. So of all the products that have come through our doors, which foundation is our favourite? Well, that all depends on who you ask. With a variety of skin types, ages and skin sensitivities, the foundation wearers of our team all have different favourites. Read on to find out what our must-have foundations are!

Rachel (Product Manager and in-house Marie Kondo)

Despite being the most organised person I have ever met, with three kids under ten, Rachel does not have a lot of spare time so ease and speed of application plays a big part in how she chooses her products. 

Her favourite liquid foundation is the Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation - it keeps her hydrated and has a more subtle scent than other Chanel ranges (ya’ll know how much a strong fragrance can irritate sensitive skin!) She raves about how blendable it is saying “If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to do a great job blending, it doesn’t show.” It gives a decent amount of coverage while feeling super hydrating and lightweight - something that I am always impressed with when it comes to Chanel ranges. 

Not being able to simply have one favourite foundation (and honestly, who can blame her), Rachel loves the Fitcover Active Mineral Powder Foundation. Just as lightweight as Healthy Glow, this powder foundation is buildable and looks great on Zoom calls - she often wears it for international conference calls. It is notoriously difficult for her to find her perfect foundation match, so when she discovered Fitcover she was ECSTATIC - their neutral warm undertone suits her perfectly. 

Ashleigh (Lab Manager and in-house supermodel)

Ashleigh loves a super natural, skin-like finish in her foundations which is what drew her to the Lisa Eldridge Seamless Skin Foundation. One or two pumps are enough to cover her entire face, Ashleigh tells me, and is buildable to a full coverage - basically this foundation does it all. 

Lisa Eldridge doesn’t release something that isn’t perfect, so when her foundation was announced, we all had high expectations. She did not disappoint. Ashleigh says that it is “unlike any other foundation I’ve used before,” attributed in part due to its self setting nature. We love a foundation that doesn’t need a powder to set it - not only does it save time and save cash but using powder can highlight fine lines. 

Although it’s still early days, we can see this foundation becoming the new Luminous Silk.

Becky (Marketing manager and in-house comedian)

Ever the wordsmith, our marketing genius Becky adores Tarte Face Tape “because it goes on my face.” 

Becky loves how buildable it is - she’s a casual gal so likes a lighter coverage during the day but amps up the coverage when it’s time to party. It doesn’t budge, no matter how hard Becky dances - and Becky dances HARD. 

Finding a dewy foundation that doesn’t budge no matter how much you dance is like finding the Holy Grail (but better). If my two favourite B’s and perennial cool girls, Becky and Bebe Rexha, swear by the staying power of Tarte products then consider me sold. 

Ruchi (Engineering & Development and in-house ASMR)

A lady of few words (which is an absolute travesty as she has the most soothing voice on our big blue planet), Ruchi says she buys Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless because “its rating is high.” 

It is great for oily skin and lives up to all the five star reviews, Ruchi tells me, and is quickly cementing Maybelline as a drug-store brand with pro-level quality. A professional staple, the Maybelline Great Lash mascara has long been adored by makeup artists and consumers alike.  It’s becoming more and more clear that their level of affordable quality doesn’t end with their mascara and we love to see it. 

Emily (Content Manager and in-house meme queen)

“With skin more sensitive than my personality (and that is SENSITIVE), it can be a challenge to find a foundation that doesn’t irritate my skin while giving me everything else I look for in a foundation,” Emily says. 

Medium coverage, a dewy finish, with all-day staying power are must-haves for Emily, and she found it in the chart-topping Luminous Silk by Giorgio Armani. Originally crafted with the help of makeup artist Pat McGrath, Luminous Silk has been continually ranked as one of the best foundations of all time. With an ever increasing price tag, it is an investment but one that is well worth it.

As Luminous Silk runs pink, Emily likes to mix it with a little bit of The Ordinary’s Coverage Foundation to get her perfect shade match. 

Monica (Business Development Manager and in-house yogi)

Hailing from Milan, the fashion capital of the world, it won’t be a surprise to you that presentation is super important to Monica. Her favourite foundation is the Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick due to “the packaging, the presentation and most importantly how it performs and feels on [her] very sensitive skin.” 

She loves how much it covers while not looking or feeling heavy. Achieving a natural look while covering up acne can be a tough ask, but the Vital Skin Foundation Stick is up to the task. 

Pro-tip from the insider herself: she recommends applying it with a brush to achieve a flawless consistency and seamless blending. 

Victoria (CEO and in-house inspiration)

You know how they say that we all have the same hours in a day as Beyonce? I think we should all start saying that we all have the same hours in a day as Victoria. Wrangling our team and her twins while balancing all the spinning plates that comes with being a CEO, I genuinely think she must never have time to sleep. 

While she insists to me that she does sleep, she admits that she doesn’t have a lot of time in the morning to get ready. With acne prone skin, Victoria looks for products that are super easy to apply with enough coverage to hide her acne scars and she found it in Rodial’s Skin Tint. With an SPF of 20 and hydrating amino peptides, Victoria says it “feels like a moisturiser, just with a bit of coverage and sunscreen!” 

When she has one of her regular high-flying meetings she’ll put on a bit of the Cle De Peau Concealer to give her a bit of extra coverage and Rae Morris’s iconic Mattifying Powder to bring down the shine.

If you’re keen to try any of our favourite products, head here to find your perfect foundation match now!!

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