Announcing Our Partnership with The Natives Co.

Author: Emily McKay

11 Aug 2021


We are delighted to announce our partnership with one of Australia’s most exciting beauty and lifestyle websites – The Natives Co.

With a commitment to organic, sustainable and effective ingredients, The Natives Co were born out of a desire to look for products where not only harmful ingredients were left out – but also to find products where skin loving ingredients are left in.

Cofounders Vanessa and Leesa have each had a long history as both organic health consumers and professionals. Vanessa has spent the last twenty years researching organic ingredients and studied organic skincare at Formula Botanica. Leesa’s experience is in healthcare, with years of experience seeing how nurturing your lifestyle and mental health is reflected in your physical health – including your skin.

With a carefully curated brand offering, Vanessa and Leesa select each and every product for The Natives Co. using their professional experiences in organic beauty and healthcare. Leesa says that “working closely with indie brand founders is inspiring,” noting especially their “passion for their craft and dedication to cleaner, safer and more sustainable ingredients.”

We sat down with Vanessa and Leesa to find out more about the brand and what they have planned for the future;

MMM: What made you decide to start The Natives Co?

Vanessa:While not an entirely new concept, clean and natural and organic beauty has truly matured in the last decade. Having spent many years travelling internationally I found my skincare and wellness purchases spanned across the Continents including Australia. As a qualified Organic Skincare Formulator, I wanted to create one destination where the conscious consumer could shop all natural and luxury skincare with confidence making good well-informed purchases that work. Leesa and I spent two years curating our offer, trailing, and testing every product, looking to only pure and potent ingredients as a standard. 

The deeper we delved into our search the more passionate we became about bringing our edit of Indie Beauty Brands to the forefront in Australia. It’s an exciting time in the intersection between beauty and sustainability. Thanks to Indie beauty founders that have challenged the status quo of a trend chasing and profit driven industry we now have greater transparency, accountability, and sustainable product development. Simply, we no longer have to choose between quality skincare and makeup versus natural and sustainable. We believe in making it easy to purchase well and consume less by enabling our community to make educated choices about the products they choose.

MMM: What makes The Natives Co. special?

Leesa: Our customer and our commitment to our community is our number one priority. We take pride in aligning ourselves to the conscious consumer that seeks real results from their skincare and wellness products. Driven by our love of science and determination to bust any misconceptions about the efficacy of all-natural skincare, we have curated an offer of products that are grown in nature and perfected by science. This love of both science and nature has led our edit and our ethos where you can trust in products that are clinically proven through rigorous independent studies, certifications that support the potency and purity of formulations and their ingredients and Brands that don’t just stop there. We are committed to bringing Brands that are also socially, economically, and environmentally conscious while delivering these incredible products!

MMM: What is the ethos of The Natives Co?

Leesa: We search for innovation in traditional and emerging markets that utilise science and harness the power of nature for a simple and effective approach to skincare, makeup and wellbeing. We hand pick the best products for the face, body, hair and well-being that support graceful, positive and healthy wellbeing rituals. 

At The NativesCo. Clean Beauty is also high performance. The ingredients along with the efficiency of the product is equally important when selecting our edit of

Clean Beauty. We created our own Clean Code that talks to 4 key pillars -Clean, Green, Pure and Potent - that define our strict standards in defining what we call Clean Beauty. We have used our knowledge of science to create a list of toxic and unsafe ingredients that we can't live with in our skincare, makeup and hair care products. That is our everyday standard that we live by so we can go about learning and educating ourselves and our community about natural ingredients that work. We have developed our Clean Code that easily calls out a product's attributes at a glance. EG. Certified Vegan or Scientifically Proven.

MMM: What goals do you have for the company?

Vanessa: We are committed to the long game! For Leesa and I our lifestyle aligns to the ethos of our business. We live and breathe this space we are passionate about and we see it extend to lifestyle Brands as well, not just Clean Beauty. We are very considered in our approach, but reaching out to our Customers and engaging with them, connecting with them and better understanding their needs and what they would like to see from us and our offer is the main priority for us currently. We see opportunity in the face to face connection with our community and who knows after the trials of lockdown hopefully an opportunity presents itself for us to spend more time in person with our loyal customers. 

MMM: What trends do you see/have you seen emerging in 2021?

Vanessa: As the eco-consumers continue to vote with their wallets, we see Indie Beauty Brands gaining pride of place in our vanities and leading innovation with multi-tasking and multi-functional clean beauty formulations that address the skin

holistically, not just the concern. These clever formulations not only lead to better long term skin health but allow us as consumers to buy less, for less waste, positively impacting our planet. 

High-performance, skincare in makeup is one trend that is here to stay. Modern all natural and organic makeup is emerging to the forefront as we see a number of celebrity MUAs proving that natural pigments are just as long-wear and colour intensive as traditional makeup Brands. There’s a real movement that encourages loving your own skin. This has led to the emergence of skin-loving makeup that showcases our complexions and our uniqueness.

MMM: Are there any particular products that you're loving at the moment?

Vanessa: There are 4 products that I cannot live without in my routine - La Fervance Elcat Extraordinaire - a truly remarkable balm that has transformed my skin. I use it every night over the AMALA Skin Perfecting AHA Sleep Serum and I wake with firm, plump and calm skin. I’m in my mid-forties and this routine is my fail-safe combination. The SAINT Flawless Radiance Skincare Foundation is my everyday and special occasion foundation as I can control the coverage, and the Madam Gabriela Clean Lipstick in shade Sydney at 8am – it’s a great nude that suits all skin tones and it lasts the morning out. 

Leesa: I love the AuNaturale Semi-Matte Powder Foundation. I mix a little powder with my face oil (Flora Mirabilis is my go to) to make my very own customised CC Cream that I can wear it sheer or easily layer it with a powder brush for more coverage. For a skin boost I am a mask devotee. Twice a week I use the Flower and Spice Masquerade Customizable Clay Treatment It clears any congestion and leaves my skin balanced and clear. 

While our partnership focuses on their skin-loving complexion ranges, they have a huge selection of haircare, skincare, candles, fragrances as well as tailored shopping for various skin concerns. For an even more tailored shopping experience, they offer a free twenty-minute skin consultation through Skype – a godsend in a mid-pandemic world.

From essential oils to foundation, The Natives Co. is a one-stop-shop for all your organic beauty and wellbeing needs. Which brand have you found your foundation match with on The Natives Co.? Hit us up on our socials and let us know!

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